Thank you so much for being so intuitive to know these young moms can be the Super Moms they long to be, and for helping them with what you have found works.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE this book (Part II) because it's the first exercise book written FOR women that is easy to understand and to follow with 'How To' pictures and schedules already outlined for you to simply DO!

Love. It. I so with I'd had this when I had Daniel. This book will be a go-to for baby shower gifts.

I loved reading this book! I could totally relate to many of the scenarios in the book along with many of the emotions that go along with being a Super Mom!

This book is exactly what I needed. It filled in the gaps that the other pregnancy books left out. I read it cover to cover in about 10 days... not only did it help me prepare for the debut of my little girl, but it helped me with the recovery and the immediate days following.

Written with love for brand new moms with babies 0 – 2 years, this book is full of the best gal pal behind the scenes tips that no one ever tells you. From what to pack in your hospital bag to how to get your baby on a healthy sleep schedule and everything in between..


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This book is for any mom who is ready to put herself back onto her own priority list, look great, feel great, and get back into super shape. You’ll learn how to make the smart personal choices in finance, nutrition, fitness and fashion that will honor you as an individual. This one’s all about and FOR YOU! (Silver Medal Winner at the Living Now Book Awards!!)

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